About Me

I just put text here because I want real text here, not Lorem Ipsums! But I don't want to deal with it now. Meh, whatever. I'm known online as Windy Chrome, the WindmillObsessed. I usually find myself updating stuff like this times like now, when I'm tired of life and irritated because things are harder than they should be. Heh. Like I always say, LIFE GOES ON. What more is there to say? I'm 20, I live in CA, USA, I can triforce but I can't visit 4chan, and I love to talk to strangers but I hate to talk about myself. There's more interesting things out there online to do. I love video games, especially Zelda, HALO, and lately Sonic the Hedgehog, and I like roleplaying and writing stories. I'm working on a degree in chemistry - hence my ambivalent updating. Oh, and by the way? I really, really like windmills. :3
If you bookmark me, bookmark my shortcut url Windmill Home - http://windmill.co.nr/ because even though it's just one more third-party thing, I like the look of the shorter url. btw, on some browsers you can just drag the link into your bookmarks bar, I've heard. Why not try it?


One more thing! So I don't forget! To type unicode characters on my laptop, I can use Fn-F11 (to turn on numlock), then hold alt and press mkll (which correspond to the numbers 0233) in order to get "é". Finally, I remember to turn off numlock (usually remembered by wondering why some of my letters are actually numbers). Win! (apparently, holding Fn and pressing the rest of the key combo doesn't work. Strange.)

My site finally got indexed by Google! Hurray. Too bad the 9 million shit posts in my forum got indexed too! Haha, I forgot about that thing. Oh well. I deleted it.

If you like me, please help me eat.

Things to Update and Change

This site:

So I am still working on this site, or planning on working on it, which is the same thing in my life. I just started playing with Twitter, and MAN is it fun or what! I love being able to talk with my friends by texting twitter. Aaanyway... My plans are:
  • Make this site xhtml-friendly - and validated! Heheh...
  • On the same line, make this site text-browser friendly
  • Add that twitter conversation forum thing "Tweetboard Alpha" - EDIT: GOT IT!!! CHECK TO THE LEFT AND TALK TO ME!
  • Get my dumb blog rss feeds working in this space (Do I need to have more than one Google API setup?)
  • Put windmills for the images - stars are nice, but I prefer windmills
  • Put some sort of html5 canvas banner in place of the title text. IE won't be able to support it right now, but if any of my friends are still using IE, I've failed in my duties as technogeek. For those of you who think that's high-handed of me... how important is my little nonflash decoration going to be for the website? Seriously. It's candy, it's meant to be candy, and if you want to have the candy you can very well use a browser that supports the candy.
  • Figure out what the index.html~ file is (note the '~' - is it a temp file? Why didn't it go away?) and why I only just now noticed it
That seems to be it for now. I'll add more later.

My blogs

Theoretically, if the codes were working properly, the latest post from my notebook would be here instead of this text, like how my favorite links are up over there to the right. However, the codes aren't working properly, or my understanding of them is faulty (always an option) and so I just commented them out and threw in some text instead. I still have stuff I want to change on my blogs such as:

  • Create links from each blog to each other
  • Make sure each template is xhtml-friendly
  • Bake cookies for the Google Blogger staff - maybe that will wait until I've met them?
  • ...update my blogs once in a while?
  • Create splash pages for the sims I manage


What I've recently done

  • Updated some stuff, taking off my picture and putting my SL avvy instead. I also requested a change in the twitter username for Tweetboard over there, so when they update that it'll be working again. 7.14.10
  • Put this text in, 5.16.10
  • Added Tweetboard, 5.17.10
  • Put ALL the smaller images into a spritesheet, 5.18.10
  • Remembered to make sure the ul tags were CLOSED, 5.18.10
  • Edited some padding so stuff looks better, 5.19.10
  • Put a shitload of links into the Favorite Links blog. Unfortunately, only the (some number here, I keep changing it) most recent will show up to the right (when you have javascript enabled, hehe), 6.7.10